5 Lifestyle Changes to Expect When Moving into an Assisted Living Home

The transition from independent to assisted living can be a difficult one. At first glance, it may seem like an individual is losing all of their autonomy and freedom. However, as long as a quality assisted living home is chosen, a greater sense of freedom and comfort can be found during this change. Here are a few lifestyle changes that one can expect as they make their transition into assisted living.

1. Routines

Because there are so many individuals living in an assisted living home, routines are often implemented to ensure greater organization and smooth running. These routines also help members to feel a greater sense of safety and comfort. There is something very calming about knowing what is planned for each day. This ensures that no surprises will cause unnecessary disruption, while allowing each member to have a fulfilled day without hiccups.

2. Being Around More People

Regardless of the size of the intended assisted living home, there will undoubtedly be other people living there. This will be a change for many elderly people who may be used to living alone or simply being around a small number of people. While each member will have their own room, there are common areas for eating, exercise, etc., that will house many people at one time. These times can pose a great opportunity to meet some other people and make friends.

3. Around the Clock Personal Care

Another unique component of assisted living homes is the personalized care for each resident. In a majority of these homes, personal care is offered 24/7. Whether a resident needs medical attention or simply someone to talk to, dedicated staff is there to help. Some assisted living homes, such as The Scottish Home, offer an impressive resident to staff ration to ensure there is always someone there to help. While this personalized care is available, residents still feel a sense of autonomy and space.

4. Other Services

The idea of an assisted living home is to provide all of life’s necessities and desires in a localized, comfortable living environment. Beyond personal care and a place to live, these homes also include other services that complete the whole experience for their residents. There are often beauty and barbershops available for members who need to freshen up. Additionally, many outdoor activities are provided to increase exercise and fresh air. Excursions are also included to get residents out of the assisted living home from time to time.

5. A Home Away From Home

The transition to an assisted living home can be a scary one. What these homes try to accomplish first and foremost is to provide a home away from home for their residents. They want each member to feel comfortable and welcome. Perhaps more importantly, these assisted living homes want each member to feel like a part of a bigger family. The independence and dignity of each member is respected and protected by the staff.

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